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Casa Nua

Casa Nua is a community that specializes in accompanying and improving the living conditions of elderly people who need some kind of assistance, and is part of a group of professionals who joined their knowledge of more than 30 years serving and helping successful communities around the world. world.

Their residences are specially designed and equipped to offer amenities to the elderly, adding security and specialized programs according to each person. We provide essential care to residents with varying degrees of dependence, complementing services necessary to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual balanced health.



Located inside the renowned El Tesoro Commercial Park that combines culture, trends, entertainment, with shops and restaurants. In addition, excellent access and connectivity to the airports Rionegro and Olaya Herrera.

Novotel Medellín El Tesoro (Ex Atton) was inaugurated in May 2018. Novotel Medellín El Tesoro (Ex Atton) is a new and modern 21-story building. Our hotel has 238 comfortable soundproof rooms, with wifi and breakfast included. On the roof, you will find the endless pool and the Periférico Bar, both with spectacular views of the city of Medellin.


Quirófanos El Tesoro

Located in a privileged sector of the City, Quirófanos el Tesoro is a benchmark in outpatient and hospital surgery services of Medium Complexity, being an excellent option for patients and doctors.


Renting Colombia

Renting is a leasing service through which a company can take a vehicle for a specific time and enjoy it as if it were their property, having total autonomy and control.

The renting includes a package of services depending on the needs of the client company and the characteristics of its operation. In this way companies can meet their needs to mobilize people and products without having to bear the burden of maintaining a fleet of vehicles. In turn, the client company obtains the benefits of any owner, without worrying about the legal procedures for the acquisition, mobility and maintenance of the vehicles, for having to invest or borrow for their renewal, avoiding losses due to their devaluation and counting on a specialized team that supports you nationally in terms of availability and maintenance, among other benefits.

The lease canon is defined according to different variables, the main ones being the type of vehicle and its corresponding accessories, the use that will be given to it, the location area, the annual mileage to be traveled and the term of the contract

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Nirvana Spa

Let yourself be seduced and transported through music, therapies, aromas evoking and elevating your spirit to the supreme state of liberation of all ties, absolute tranquility, serenity without limits. Whoever comes to NIRVANA is liberated to the highest expression of being.


MMA Colombia

MMA Colombia is a mixed martial arts academy that brings together the best of the most effective sports disciplines in hand-to-hand combat. We have training plans in Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Olympic wrestling, kickboxing and Muay Thai.

All ages



We are a non-profit project in Medellín / Antioquia Colombia that aims to continue with the mission and vision of Swami Sivananda, Swami Vishnudevananda and all the lineage: "Inner peace for outer peace".

Our teachers teach us that there will only be peace in the world when there is a critical mass of people who have reached a state of inner peace. If this does not exist in the people of a society, there can never be outside peace.


Vanadurga Ashram

Vanadurga Ashram Yoga Sanctuary, is conceived as a place for serious and profound practice of Yoga and meditation, a space for philosophy, teaching and retreat. It is built under the principles of Feng Shui and Vastu (Sacred Architecture) and permaculture. Its three pillars are: The practice and diffusion of yoga and meditation, the Vedic ecology with principles of permaculture and health according to Ayurveda

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Querido Abuelo

We are the first store in Colombia to understand and meet the needs of the elderly, offering products and solutions that improve their quality of life. Spaces designed to offer excellent care.



We are a company with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to health care, we have life support services and diagnostic images.



We are a reference clinical laboratory with more than 40 years of service which gives us extensive experience in the services we offer. We are the Clinical Reference Laboratory of more than 250 IPSs, Clinics and Hospitals of the Department of Antioquia.

Our promise of service is based on providing all our patients, doctors and users with Confidence, Support, Safety and Quality.



Sufi is the brand created by Grupo Bancolombia so you can always get what you want to your needs and without complications.

We want to accompany you on the path you choose to achieve your goals. We love knowing that you can achieve everything you deserve and even more, in an agile manner and with the advice of our team, which is always ready to assist you and listen to you at any time and from anywhere.


Salud sin Fronteras

We are the connection with your health in Medellín, Colombia.

We offer specialized services in high and medium complexity healthcare, medical and surgical care.


Swiss Andina

Swiss Andina Tourism S.A. is a travel agency with 30 years in the market and leader in the tourism industry in Colombia. Specialized in offering a comprehensive service and personalized advice for business trips and vacation trips.